We are looking to form a new u7 team to start in the Selkent League in September 2019.

If your child is about to start in Y2 then please come along to our open Soccer Saturday school for an ongoing trial.

Sessions are £3.50 per session. 

If you're interested please contact us so that we can add you to our whatsapp group.


We are looking for additional players to join our u9 team for 2019/20.

If your child is about to start in Y4 then please contact us for a trial.

Training is on Saturday mornings 


If your child is about to start in Y7 please contact us stating your name, contact details, and preferred playing position and we will be in contact.

2 training sessions per week (midweek) and club training available on Saturday mornings


Our U13s are currently looking to bolster their current squad and trialling players at all positions, particularly interested in goalkeepers for the 2019/20 season move to the Kent Youth League.

Players must be A league standard please.

For a trial please contact us with your name, contact details, and your child's preferred position (about to move into Y8)

Training midweek and also available on Saturdays.


Our u14s are looking for players at ALL positions to bolster their current Kent Youth League squad. Particularly interested in strong midfielders and defenders.

Must be A league / District standard (about to move into Y9)

Training is on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings also available 

Please contact us with your name and preferred playing position


Our u11 squads are looking to recruit a couple of extra players to bolster their squads with the move to 9aside football for 2019/20 season.

Our A league side are looking for a strong and athletic outfield player with a fantastic attitude and commitment.

Our development squad (C league) is looking players at all positions including goalkeeper.

Players about to go in Y6 should contact us with details of their playing history and preferred playing position.